chessa arbiter examinations

There are no longer seperate examinations for the different arbiter titles but rather one with different required passmarks.

The content of the examinations is based on
  • 60% on the Rules of Chess
  • 30% on the Pairing Systems used in SA
  • 10% on Arbiter and Rating Regulations
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School Supervisor (SS)
This qualifies an adult person to teach the basic moves of chess in a classroom situation and enables the teachers to manage a round robin type of classroom competition.
Tournament Supervisor (TS)
For this level a fair knowledge of the latest Laws of Chess and the practical application thereof in school-related chess competitions are required. A superficial knowledge of the Swiss Paring system and the Round Robin paring systems as well as tie-breaking methods used is required.
Provincial Arbiter (PA) 
The candidate is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the Laws of Chess and experience in the application of the laws in the rated tournament environment. A thorough knowledge of the Swiss (manual pairing) and Round Robin systems of paring as well as all tie-breaking methods associated with each and questions on the practical pairings will be set. PA's are used at top level regional tournaments and their tournaments may be rated
National Arbiter (NA)
Apart from a very thorough knowledge of the Laws, the ability to apply the laws even in situations not covered by the Laws will be required. NAs are used at national Chessa organised tournaments such as the SAJCC
Fide Arbiter (FA) and International Arbiter (IA)
These examinations are set and run by FIDE itself and not through Chessa. One must carry a Fide or IA title in order to officiate at Fide organised tournaments. You can view further information on regulations and curriculum on the FIDE website here
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School Supervisor (SS)
Required to obtain 60% mark on the section on Fide Laws of Chess.
Tournament Supervisor (TS)
Required to obtain a 60% passmark on the entire paper
Provincial Arbiter (PA) 
Required to obtain an 80% pass mark for the entire paper with a minimum of 60% on any section. Candidates who pass the exam will initially carry the title of CPA (Candidate Provincial Arbiter) and must then officiate at three recognised Regional, Provincial or National tournaments. These norms must be submitted in the required manner by the Chief Arbiter, after which they will be recognised as a full PA
National Arbiter (NA)
To become a NA, a PA must acquire 4 norms at a National or Higher tournaments. There is no time frame for the obtaining of these norms

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Examinations are generally set to coincide with major events such as the SAJCC each year so that majority of participants are already present thereby saving costs and logistical effort. The current cost per course and examination is R200.
Check the calendar for upcoming examination dates

Should you however have sufficient numbers and are willing to bear the costs thereof, arrangements can be made to host examinations locally.

Contact Gunther Van Den Bergh in order to make these local arrangements
The current cost per course and examination is R100 per person plus a fee for the trainer, with a minimum group of 15.

Download the Full Arbiter Regulations to get Detailed Information on Arbiter Qualifications