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Arbiters for SAJCC Cape Announced                                                                   2015-10-12
The arbiters list for those who will adjudicate at the SAJCC and Wild Card events to be held in Cape Town have been announced. Any comments thereon must be address to the         ....... More

Submission of Tournament Results - New Procedure                                       2015-06-10

With effect from 1 June, new procedures for the submission of tournament results were introduced and will be strictly enforced. Each union will have a designated person alocated access         ....... More

FIDE Extends Deadline for New Player Registration Regulations                       2015-03-18

FIDE has decided to delay the date the new regulations for registration and licensing come to effect. The new date is July 1st 2015.                                                                                    ....... More

ARBITERS FOR SAJCCC 2015 ANNOUNCED                                                          2015-03-08
The arbiters appointed to run matters at the 2015 SAJCCC to be held in Pretoria from 3 to 11 April have been finalised and announced by Chessa                                                                    ....... More

MEMBERS OF 2015 CHIEF ARBITER PANEL FINALISED                                        2015-03-08
The voting and selection process for selecting the panel of Chief Arbiters for 2015 has been finalised and the results have been announced                                                                       ....... More

INPUT REQUESTED ON DISCUSSION DOCUMENT                                              2014-10-01
Following the AOC Executive meeting held at the WYCC, a Discussion Document has been prepared highlighting key issues and all arbiters are requested to provide their input in order         ....... More

ARBITER GUIDE 2014 ISSUED BY AOC                                                               2014-08-25
In an effort to consolidate arbiter documents and resources into a single document, the AOC has compiled a Arbiter Guide for 2014. This document will form a valuable resource for         ....... More

AOC ISSUES DISCIPLINARY GUIDE                                                               2014-08-10
It has been found neccessary to issue a discilinary guide for AOC as there are quite a few arbiters not adhering to the rules and regulations as set out by the AOC and these will be,         ....... More

NEW CHATROOM REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS                                         2014-07-20
Having registration of users directly from the chatrrom itself has resulted in an enormous amout of spam and fake users joining the portal and it has been decided to alter the process        ....... More

PROVINCIAL ARBITER EXAMINATIONS - BLOEM                                         2014-06-13
Provincial Arbiter examinations will be held in Bloemfontein at the same time as the SA Open. Candidates passing the exam will recieve the title of CPA until norms have......                ....... More

AGE LIMITATIONS ON ARBITER TITLES                                                    2014-06-03
Due to legal requirements and accountability needs, age parameters have been introduced on the awarding of any arbiter titles by Chessa and will be effecitive immediatley.                ....... More

ELECTION OF CHESSA COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES                           2014-05-07
The election process for the various committees and commissions applications is now open and persons seeking positions must ensure that their unions process neccessary forms.   ....... More

WE MOURN THE PASSING OF SCHALK SCHOOMBIE                                      2014-04-14
It is with great sadness that we have to inform the chess community of the passing of Prof Schoombie this morning. Our sincerest condolensces to family and friends.   ....... More

TOURNAMENTS ONLY RATED IF ARBITERS AT FULL STATUS                         2014-04-12
Union Presidents, Organisers and Arbiters are please note that with effect 1 May 2014, no tournament will be rated unless ALL arbiters acting at the tournament are registered   ....... More

CONGRATULATIONS ON NEW ARBITER TITLES                                               2014-04-06
It is with great pleasure that the executive congratulates our arbiters on new titles achieved. We clearly regard arbiters as the backbone of chess and always welcome   ....... More

LAUNCH OF NEW WEBSITE HOME                                                                    2014-03-11
We are excited to announce the lauch of our new website home and hope that it becomes a useful tool for Arbiters, Organisers as well as the chess public at large. Mr Eddie Price  ....... More

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE CHANGES                                                             2014 Jan 22
New membership fee structures have been set up for 2014 and Mr Eddie Price has requested members to make their payments timeously in order to qualify to run tournaments ....... More

ARBITER EXAMINATIONS TO BE HELD AT SAJCC DURBAN                             2013 Nov 11
Mr Ediie Price, Chairman of SACAOA has announced that Arbiter Examinations will  be held at the ICC during the course of the SAJCC. All interested participants are invited to ....... More

PASSING OF IA JEROME BIBULD                                                                     2013 Nov 08
It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of International Arbiter Jerome Bibuld.
Mr. Bibuld's name will always be remembered for the work he did for non- racial ....... More


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