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NEWS ITEM : Source - Colin Fibiger (Webmaster)
NEW CHATROOM REGISTRATION PROCESS                                                     2014 July 20
Allowing users to register directly into the chatroom has resulted in an enormous amount of spam and fake users coming onto the system and it has been decided to alter the system to eliminate this problem.

With immediate effect, users will have to register on the chatroom and once that is done, confirm their request for registration completing the form on the page provided. We will then approve each applicant manually after which the user will be notified that their username and password is active.

Please note that you should first register on the Chatroom itself and THEN complete the form for approval of application.

After receipt of this confirmation, participants can then go directly to the chatroom portal and log in to participate in the discussions taking place.

So no more adverts for Viagra, Lonely Russian girls looking for husbands, lost inheritances, Lottery prizes unclaimed and the like :-)

Please note that if you had previously registered but have been inactive, you will most probably have been removed from the system. Unfortunately this clean up has been neccessary and you will have to register again.

If you experience any problems in this regard please contact me Colin Fibiger
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